Shop Stewards

The Backbone of the Union

Local 986 Shop Stewards are your elected and appointed co-workers. They diligently work to protect you on the job and serve in the vital position of Union-Management Liaison. Simply put, Shop Stewards are the eyes and the ears of the union.

Shop Stewards have many responsibilities, including:

  • Representing union members
  • Addressing your concerns and problems
  • Fully understanding and answering questions about your contract
  • Working with management to solve problems
  • Contacting your Business Agent when necessary
  • Participating in organizing non-union workers

The union would have a very difficult time providing outstanding representation without the Shop Stewards unselfish and dedicated service to the membership:

  • Shop Stewards ensure that an on-the-job union representative is always available to assist members
  • They ensure that your rights are not being violated
  • They watch out for potential safety problems or other hazards
  • They listen to your problems and concerns
  • They serve as your first course of action if a work problem arises  

Trained and Ready to Assist

Steward Training is Ongoing.... Local 986 is committed to providing ongoing Shop Steward training meetings, seminars and courses to better serve the membership in the workplace. In addition to fully understanding your contract, Stewards are trained in a variety of areas including problem/conflict resolution, communication skills, and grievance handling.

Anytime you have a question or concern, a problem or issue in the workplace, or believe that your rights may have been violated, contact your Shop Steward.

Below is a list of resources and links that will assist you in rounding out your training as a Shop Steward.  It can help to further train you or give you a chance to refresh your memory on the issues.