Grievance Preparation - 12 points

  1. Prepare the case beforehand – Have your facts down in writing. Organize and understand your presentation. Be confidant. Anticipate arguments.

  2. Avoid arguments among union people in the presence of the company – Maintain a united front when meeting with management.

  3. Stick to the point, avoid getting led off on side issues - Insist on discussing the issue at hand and take notes.

  4. Get the main point of the companies’ argument – Try to narrow down the area of difference between the union and the company – look for solutions.

  5. Disagree with dignity - Avoid getting excited, angry or hostile.

  6. Avoid unnecessary delays – Justice delayed is Justice denied.

  7. Settle grievances at the lowest possible step of the procedure - Handle them properly, and don’t pass the buck.

  8. In discipline the ‘burden of proof’ is on management – Insist on the evidence.

  9. Avoid bluffing – Develop a reputation for honesty.

  10. Be prompt - follow through on the grievance – uncertainty causes fear and distrust.

  11. Maintain your position until proven wrong – Avoid hasty conclusion.

    ...and finally...

    12.  Enforce the contract!! - Insist that the company live up to the terms of the agreement.