Conducting Effective Meetings

Making the Meeting Work for You!

Prepare – prepare - prepare!!

Think about the meeting. What is the goal or the meeting? Decide on the three most important things you want to get resolved. Who should be informed of the meeting? Should the member be there? Who needs to be de-briefed after the meeting?

Take a notebook and pen. Jot down questions you need to ask and think about what issues or questions may come up. Think about possible problem areas and develop a strategy for han­dling them.

Develop an Agenda

If you write down how you want to start the meeting, the key points you want to cover and the way to finalize the outcomes prior to the meeting, you are more likely to maintain control of the meeting.

Stick to your plan during the discussion, don’t get sidetracked.

Use the Meeting to Gather Data

Rather than giving out information, use the meeting as an opportunity to gather data. Ask questions and take notes - repeat back what you have heard and ask for clarification.

Instead of reacting to confrontational information, ask another question, ie,: ‘Why do you say that?’ or ‘Can you give me a specific example?’

Restate any agreements

Write and restate any agreements - once you get what you want – don’t rehash it.