Investigation Checklist

A good investigation at the early stages of a grievance can lay the foundation for your case.

Investigate at the first step as if the grievance will go to arbitration. A good investigation will expedite settlement. A good investigation will help build your confidence. This checklist will assist you in completing a good grievance investigation.

____Interview the grievant. Listen carefully to his/her account of the situation

____Interview grievant’s co-workers

____Interview the witnesses and management asking the Six W’s. Get a written signed and dated statement from witnesses.

____Keep written records of all interviews.

____Request a copy of members’ related consultations (if it is a disciplinary grievance).

____Request any other management records needed (personnel policies, payroll records seniority list, attendance records, etc.).

____Determine if the problem affects others in the workplace.

____Determine if filing a grievance is the best strategy for solving the problem.

____Check previous grievance settlements for precedents.

____Check the experience of other stewards in similar cases.

____Seek advice on a regular basis from your Business Agent, Chief Steward or other Union Official.

____Review the case with the grievant.

____Anticipate and prepare for management’s arguments.

____Outline your presentation in writing.