Teamsters Local 986 Officers

What are my Weingarten Rights and what are my

rights in a meeting with Management?


Under the Union Costco contract...


The right as employees covered by the NLRA, is to request union representation during investigatory interviews if they reasonably believe that the interview could result in their being disciplined. This means that if you are being questioned by a manager and you think that a corrective consultation / suspension / termination may happen from the have the right to ask for a Shop Steward to be a witness and help protect your rights. ASK FOR A STEWARD AS SOON AS THE QUESTIONING BEGINS.


Weingarten rights also guarantee the rights of union representatives to assist and counsel employees during interviews which could lead to discipline. This means that once you have ASKED FOR A STEWARD you and the Steward can discuss the issue out of earshot of management  and / or stop the meeting to discuss the issue with the Steward prior to continuing the meeting with management.


Your negotiated contract also gives the employees MORE RIGHTS than the law gives regular union workers. A Shop Steward shall be present at all disciplinary meetings... ASK FOR A STEWARD AS SOON AS THE MEETING BEGINS this includes ALL corrective consultations (Documented Discussion, verbal, written, suspension, and termination), provided a Shop Steward is available. If a Shop Steward is not available the employee has the right to waive the three day time limits that management is given to issue the consultation, and the consultation will he issued at a later time.  Also note, a Manager must issue the Documented Discussions and Corrective Consultations...a lead or 'supervisor' cannot because they are part of the bargaining unit and are also covered under the contract.


Under the Non-Union Costco Handbook...


You do not have these rights.