Get the Latest Teamsters Local 986 News.

Get the Latest Teamsters Local 986 News.

Dear Shop Stewards and Members in Las Vegas,

As you know, the members of Local 995 overwhelmingly voted in favor of merging into Local 986. Unfortunately, there were a few members who opposed the merger that began contacting the IBT to deny you the opportunity of being members of the fourth largest local union in the entire country.  These self- serving individuals are not acting in the best interest of the membership by forcing the local union to spend thousands of dollars of your dues money for an unnecessary officer’s election. We believe that the members have already spoken when a majority of you voted for the merger into Local 986, and I sincerely appreciate your support and understanding of that historic day.

This merger was widely supported by union leaders throughout the country because it was in the best interest of the members. International Vice President and Joint Council 42 President, Randy Cammack, and the Executive Board of Joint Council 42 voted unanimously in favor of merging our local unions. Rick Middleton, International Vice President, and many others also strongly endorsed the merger. However, the IBT in Washington DC has determined that it will delay the merger until December 1, 2013 or soon thereafter if the current Executive Board of Local 995 is re-elected later this year. 

Local 986 is disappointed that the merger has been delayed, but we are determined to show you why we are a local union that will always work in the best interest of our members and we will never take your support for granted. We will enhance the involvement of the members by bringing in new ideas to provide more resources to increase the power of the membership in Las Vegas. Local 986 has already exchanged reports with the organizing department at the IBT to initiate an effective strategy to organize new members in the industry and to improve the current standard of living for all of the members. Currently, we are supplying the strikers at the Las Vegas Country Club with additional staffing, financial resources and food to assist them in this fight for a fair contract.

We can accomplish so much together and I want to thank the Executive Board, Shop Stewards and Members throughout Las Vegas for their continued support and I look forward to welcoming you to Local 986 in the very near future.

In Solidarity,

Chris Griswold